“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”

— Henry James

Come for Afternoon Tea

We serve proper afternoon tea (often called high tea) on select weekend days. Reservations are required, and we recommend calling at least a week ahead of time. Table times are available on every half-hour starting at 12:00 noon until our last seating at 3:00 PM. We close at 5:00 PM.

The prix fixe menu price is $35/person, which includes tax & gratuity. Please call (831) 375-8090 for reservations.

I truly felt like a welcome guest in their home. Can’t wait to go back! Thank you!

This place is great! The food is wonderful and the people who run it are very polite and accommodating. Definitely a place you must experience.

Handmade. From Scratch. Just for You.

We make everything the old-fashioned way, fresh and from scratch, in our own kitchen using locally and organically grown ingredients. No cans, mixes, or microwaves here! Just honest, fresh ingredients and methods your great-grandparents would recognize.

We hand-chop organic fruit for our freshly baked scones; we produce our own buttermilk in-house; we squeeze each fresh Meyer lemon; we dip locally grown strawberries in bittersweet chocolate; we brew each pot of loose-leaf tea when you order it. It’s the right way to do things.

We’re proud of our genuine house-made clotted cream, made using an almost-forgotten process and exactly one ingredient: rich, organic whole cream that hasn’t been through heavy commercial processing. Our secret method takes about three days, but it produces a rich, flavorful spread that tastes perfect on your freshly baked scones. No imitation stuff from a jar!

So what is afternoon tea?

Don’t let the name fool you. It’s a lot of food. A proper Victorian afternoon tea (sometimes incorrectly called high tea) is a filling lunchtime meal. There’s more to it than just a pot of tea — although you’ll have more than a dozen choices of that, too.

Our three-course tea service starts with original and interesting house-made sandwiches, such as smoked salmon with ginger and wasabi aioli on puff pastry; English cucumber and radish sandwiches; curried Coronation chicken with mango chutney, and many others. You also get two fresh and flaky scones served with real organic clotted cream — not the imitation stuff from a jar. We make ours from scratch using fresh unprocessed milk straight from an organic dairy farm. It’s a treat all by itself.

Treats? Start with dessert! From our decadent chocolate truffle cream petit fours to our exotic cardamom-and-saffron cakes, fresh fruit tartlets, English Bakewell tart, French macarons, and delightful hand-dipped chocolate strawberries, we guarantee you won’t leave hungry.

Our 100% loose-leaf tea is measured to order and brewed to perfection at your table. No generic commercial teabags here. We offer many organic, decaffeinated, or herbal options, in addition to our popular black teas. Whether you favor Earl Grey or English Breakfast, herbal infusions and tisanes, or our special #1 Ladies’ Red Bush Tea, you’ll find something to fall in love with. And refills are included!

At The White Hart, “tea” scarcely begins to describe the experience.